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6 in 1 Educational Solar Kit
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6 in 1 Educational Solar Kit
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Solar Power can now be fun as well as practical. Make 1 of 6 toys with the Solar Robot Kit. The device allows you to construct 6 different robots, which means once you’ve finished making one robot, you can take it apart and turn it into a solar powered boat, windmill, or car and that’s just 3 of them.An electrical toy that doesn't rely on batteries has to be a good thing. You don't even have to rely on the sun, stick it under a lamp and watch it go.

A toy that requires a little bit of construction, no batteries and morphs into different shapes surely has be a pretty good toy.

You can build total 6 types of robots:
Solar Puppy
Solar Windmill
Solar Aeroplane
Solar Revolving Plane
Solar Hovercraft
Solar Car

Ages 10+. Please note parts provided are fragile and care should be taken while building these toys. Deal A Day will not be responsible for refunds if parts break while constructing the toys.

Shipping: Auckland $0; North Island $0; South Island $0. Rural delivery extra $3
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