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Grow Tent Indoor Greenhouse
$129.99 + shipping from $10.00
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Product description
A grow tent is a self-contained indoor growing space that allows you to create the perfect environment for plants. If you live in a small apartment or house and do not have much room to spare, or if you are a renter, a grow tent is a great option.
Grow tents are made of a durable, lightproof material that does not allow any outside light in or inside light out. This also helps to keep the temperature inside your garden at a nice warm temperature, and keeps humidity in.

  • Ideal for inner horticultural industry for plants as vegetable, flowers, herbs, fruits
  • High reflective light and tear-proof film to keep and retain the inside temperature
  • Ventilation for needed photosynthetic
  • Features eco-friendly and non-toxic design does no harm to the plants
  • Great artificial environment design for season, region and temperature limits

  • Color?Black
  • Material: Metal + Aluminum film / composite cloth
  • Product Dimension (L x W x H)?120*120*200
  • Package Dimension (L x W x H):126*27*15
  • Gross weight: 13kg approx
Package Contents: 

1 x Grow Tent Indoor Greenhouse
Warranty : 3 month
Delivery time : 7 Working Days
Shipping: Auckland $10; North Island $13; South Island $15. Rural delivery extra $3
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